At Synergy we do things a little differently, with a very clear objective – to provide you with 
unparalled choice, industry leading support and cutting edge expertise, all with less cost 

Unparalleled Choice 

We work in partnership with many of the leading manufacturers and resellers in the UK, which means we will always select the best technology that perfectly meets your needs. 
Many other manufacturers and resellers are influenced by financial incentives or targets, meaning their recommendations may not always be in your best interest. 
We guarantee our completely unbiased and independent position by refusing to accept any targets from our partners, therefore ensuring we will always recommend what is best for 

Industry Leading Support 

In the same way there’s no single manufacturer that will always have the best range to meet every requirement, there’s also no single service provider that always outperforms the others. It’s for this reason that we work with many partners to guarantee the best possible service and support for our customers. 
As an example, we work with no less than 5 different partners which represent HP Technology – including HP direct. This means that depending on your requirements and location, we are always able to recommend the best supplier to meet your specific needs. 

Cutting Edge Expertise 

At Synergy, we pride ourselves on being the most experienced, knowledgeable and transparent experts in our industry. 
Our experience and passion for perfection has been developed over decades, working with some of the UK’s largest customers. In collaboration with our partners, we are able to provide you with full access to all the technical and professional experts you could need for the life of your agreement with us. 

Less Cost 

In many industries, it is commonplace for independent suppliers, such as mobile phone, internet and energy providers, to sell goods and services for lower rates than you could get directly from the manufacturer. 
In our industry, the traditional model for suppliers has always been to have showrooms, office locations and warehouses, which all come with associated costs. Salespeople would also be on commission structures to incentivise maximum profits for the supplier. 
At Synergy, we do things differently. We utilise manufacturer showrooms and use our partner’s service capabilities, and we don’t employ commission based salespeople. 
By passing these savings on to you, we ensure that we are always one of the most cost effective providers of Managed Print Solutions in the UK. 

Award Winning Customer Service 

Synergy are delighted to have been named as Sharp Business Systems UK’s inaugural Connect Partner of the Year 2019/20, designed to recognise and celebrate the achievements of partners who are leading the way in delivering exceptional client service. 
We have seen a great deal of growth in recent years, with substantial contract wins in markets such as Legal, Construction, Health Care and Manufacturing, demonstrating our knowledge across the board. 
Our ability to deliver against small, large, national and international requirements has seen us receive a number of other awards as well, including preferred supplier into a large group of 30+ businesses and another customer opportunity that will see devices installed into numerous companies around the world. 
Combining all of these factors means that when you work with us, you can be sure that the technology you use and the level of support you receive will always be of the highest quality, a perfect fit for your needs and supplied in the most cost effective way possible. 
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